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Friday, 14 November 2014

Make a 5V 2A Power supply by IC 78S05 simple circuit at home

How to make a 5V 2A simple electronic power supply using IC 78S05 at home to charge cell phon battery.


Today we are going to learn how to make a simplest 5 volt 2Amp DC simple power supply which can be used in various application like cell phon battery chargers like in Tabs ehich requires high current, LED Drivers which require less than 6 volt and high current , can bye used to charge a cell phon batttery using solar panel e.t.c. at home.

This circuit is extremely simple and easy to make, simple to use and with very less component used.

The main component in this circuit is IC 78S05 which is a Voltage regulator 5V / 2A DC. The quality of current is high and noise is low.

The circuit will work without any extra components, but for reverse polarity protection a 1N5402 diode is included for safety at the input, extra filtering and removing any ripple is being done by capacitor C1-220uF 50V.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Simple 1watt to 12watt SMPS LED driver circuit

Simple 1 watt to 12 watt SMPS LED Driver Circuit


Today we are going to learn to make a very simple 120V/220V smps LED driver circuit which can be used for driving high watt LEDs rated anywhere between 1 watt to 12 watts directly from any domestic AC mains outlet.

The presented smps (switch mode power supply) LED driver
circuit is extremely versatile and specifically suited for driving high watt LEDs, however being a non- isolated topology does not provide safety from electric shocks at the LED side of the circuit.

Apart from the above drawback, the circuit is flawless and is virtually protected from most possible mains surge related dangers. Although a non-isolated configuration may look a bit undesirable, it relieves the constructor from winding complex primary/secondary sections on E- cores, since the transformer here is replaced with a couple of simple ferrite drum type of chokes.

The main component here is IC which is. responsible for the main execution of all the features is the IC VIPer22A from ST microelectronics
, which has beenspecifically designed for such small transformerless compact converter applications.

Simple 12 v 1 amp SMPS power supply, battery charger, LED driver circuit

How to Make a Simple 12 Volt, 1 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuit at home


Today we are going to learn how to make a simple 12 volt 1 Amp smps ( switch mode power supply) electronic circuit which can be used as battery charger, LED driver, moter driver or many more application.

We all know that with the advent of modern ICs and circuits, the age old transformertype of power supply are surely becoming obsolete. Today power supplies are much compact, smaller and efficient with their functioning than those bulky transformer power supplies.

Here we will discuss one of the outstanding switch mode power supply (SMPS) circuit which can be easily built at home for deriving smooth clean, ripple free 12 Volt DC from mains supply either 110v or 220v AC.

We are going to use the IC ST Microelectronics IC, the VIPer22A, which has made the construction very easy and is very efficient and

compact SMPS ( switch mode power supply) power supply unit

possible that too by using very less number of electronic components.

As shown in the circuit diagram, the

circuit is very compact and simple compared to other type of SMPS power supplies, and also good power output compared to its weight or size, It's just 50 by 40 mm in its dimensions.