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Simple 12 v 1 amp SMPS power supply, battery charger, LED driver circuit

How to Make a Simple 12 Volt, 1 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuit at home


Today we are going to learn how to make a simple 12 volt 1 Amp smps ( switch mode power supply) electronic circuit which can be used as battery charger, LED driver, moter driver or many more application.

We all know that with the advent of modern ICs and circuits, the age old transformertype of power supply are surely becoming obsolete. Today power supplies are much compact, smaller and efficient with their functioning than those bulky transformer power supplies.

Here we will discuss one of the outstanding switch mode power supply (SMPS) circuit which can be easily built at home for deriving smooth clean, ripple free 12 Volt DC from mains supply either 110v or 220v AC.

We are going to use the IC ST Microelectronics IC, the VIPer22A, which has made the construction very easy and is very efficient and

compact SMPS ( switch mode power supply) power supply unit

possible that too by using very less number of electronic components.

As shown in the circuit diagram, the

circuit is very compact and simple compared to other type of SMPS power supplies, and also good power output compared to its weight or size, It's just 50 by 40 mm in its dimensions.

Here the circuit diagram is very simple, let's study it

pointwise in detail:

Circuit diagram:

Analysing the figure we can easily see that this configuration does not requires too many components.

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The input mains supply AC is first rectified using ordinary 1N4007 diodes which is fixed in the bridge network.

Then the rectified high voltage DC is filtered by the high voltage capacitor.

The next stage is very important which incorporates the outstanding chip VIPer 22A manufactured by ST Microelectronics. Here the IC alone functions as oscillator and induces a frequency of around 100 KHz into the primary winding of the ferrite E core transformer (tigger).

The IC is absolutely rugged and is internally protected from sudden variation or fluctuations in voltage and other voltage related component hazards.

The IC also incorporates built in over heat protection which makes our IC virtually indestructible or reliable and trustworthy.

The voltage induced at the input is effectively stepped down at the output winding of the small ferrite cored transformer, due to low eddy current losses in the process, about 1 amp of current becomes available from a relatively tiny ferrite transformer used in this circuit.

With the coil specs shown the
voltage is around 12 volt DCand the current is around 1amp.
Here a special feedback circuitry is also incorporated in the circuit for maintaining high degree of protection and power saving features. The feedback loop is implemented through an opto-coupler which becomes active during abnormal circuit conditions.

When the output voltage tends to rise beyond the set threshold the feed back loop becomes operative and feeds an error signal to the IC FBinput. Then the IC instantly comes into an corrective mode and switches off the input to the primary winding until the output returns to the normal range.

Ferrite cored Transformer specification:

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