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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mobile phone charger from dry cell AA/AAA 0V to 2.4V

Charge mobile phone from dry cell AA or AAA 0V to 4.5V from a simple easy to make using less component mobile phone charger.

We all know that for the cell phone to charge, charger output must be above 4V and which can deliver a maximum current of 500mA if used from dry cell or AA type battery.

Here our charger circuit will step up the voltage from 1.5V to 5V DC to reach the cell phone charging requirement. The circuit uses only an AA or AAA 1.5v battery (1V to 2.4V). The charger is composed of simple oscillator, a rectifier, and voltage regulator.


The feedback winding F  here is composed 5 turns of #30 AWG magnetic wire and main winding P is composed of 6 turns of #24 AWG wire.
The 5.1V zener diode and 2200uF capacitor here regulates the output voltage to ensure proper charging of cell phones.

Here the windings are not very critical, you can experiment using different number of turns here. If ever the charger doesn’t have any output, try to reverse the winding connection.

This cell phone charger can charge the cellphone battery only for short period of time because the 1.5 volt battery power capacity wattage is much lower than the phone’s battery.

So this can be used when there is emergency when we travelling to such places where there is scarcity of electricity.

For any further query please ask them in comment section i will be happy to answer them.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

how to make a 48v Transformerless Electronic Automatic Battery Pack charger for Electric Vehicles or e-scooters or e-cars or e-rickshaws

How to make a 48volt Transformerless Automatic Battery Pack Charger for electric Vehicles, e-scooty, e-car, e-rickshaws etc.


Today I am going to explain How to make 48v Automatic battery charger circuit which is transformerless or electronic.

Now a days electric vehicals e-scooters, e-rickshaws etc.. are very popular and beneficial for regular driving. It is also beneficial because traffic now a days are increasing very sharpely and to drive in traffic consumes lot of conventional fuel and pollute the environment more, if somebody have electric vehical he or she may only need to release the accelerator to save the charge in battery. Thats why most of the people in different countries are opting for electric vehicles.

The biggest problem with these electric vehicles are their batteries are very sensitive to overcharge and take long to recharged completely. So one have to be very attentive regarding charging if their charger dont support autocut feature while full charged.

So today we are going to learn how to make a 48V Transformerless Automatic Battery charger to make you guys relieved and dont worry about charging of your electric vehicles or e-scooters.