Sunday, 16 November 2014

Make parallel Battery Charger Circuit by SPDT switches

How to Make Parallel Battery charger Circuit Using One Charger by SPDT Switches

Today we are going to learn how to charge multiple batteries individually which is connected in parallel using a single battery charger through a manual SPDT changeover switch bank. This simple circuit might be a very useful circuit for those who have lots of battery and they don't wanted to do that manually process  of charging batteries.

In below diagram, here the configuration shows four batteries with their negatives connected together to form a common negative rail and the positives are all terminated individually to the poles of four discretely attached SPDT switches.

The one of the two changeover contacts of the SPDT switches are appropriately connected with the output load while the others with the battery charger positive.

All the above terminations are made via separate rectifier diodes, each for output and input positives

of the batteries.Here the parallel battery charging with changeover arrangement allows the user with options to connect as many number of batteries as he have in the array, and also to select which battery or how many batteries need be integrated with the charging system, or with the output, or both
Circuit Diagram:

The diodes in the system make sure that the batteries don't interact with each other producing a cross discharge across each other, and ensures a step wise charging and discharging for the same.

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