Friday, 28 November 2014

Make 400V DC from 220V AC Circuit

How to Make a 400V DC from 220V AC Simple Circuit at home.


Today we are going to need a simple 400V Electronic transformerless power supply or variable power supply from 0 to 400V DC. So simply we will learn how to get 400V DC from 220V AC Mains.

The Below Circuit is a simple rectifier circuit.

This circuit simply rectifies the 220V AC from Mains to DC pulsating Voltage and then this pulsating DC viltage is then Filtered via a 470uF/450V electrolytic capacitor to reduce the Ripple present in the output of the circuit.

The voltage we get from is circuit is simply 400V.  here the fuse is used to protect the device connected to the output from overcurrent. Here we have atteched 1Amp fuse so that when current will become more than one ampere then fuse will burn and hence protect our cdevice.

You can connect the fuse according to your requirement.

Circuit Diagram:

220v AC to 400V DC simple circuit

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