Thursday, 22 May 2014

make 30volt 1amp transformerless power supply circuit

How to make 30volt 1amp transformerless electronic power supply simple and sleak at home.

Today i am going to post an article about the 30watt power supply which id 30volt and 1Amp transformerless electronic power supply circuit for medium current application. This circuit is not only compact circuit but also cheap and compact circuit.This circuit an be made at home using easily available component at market.

Without wasting our precious time lets get sarted.

Circuit Diagram:

30volt 1amp electronic transformerless power supply circuit or schematics.

The above power supply circuit  is designed for medium current applications. 

In this circuit during the negative half period, capacitor C5 is charged to it's peak voltage.The positive half wave of AC mains will open the thyristor Th1 and the electric charge accumulated or stored at capacitor C5 will b
e transferred at capacitor C4. The conduction of electric charge through the thyristor Th1 begins when the voltage on C4 drop below a fixed specified voltage level (set by zener diode D4).
Thus the output voltage of above circuit don't depend too much upon the voltage variations or the output load.

The thyristor Th1 control signal is obtained as follows:
  • Te main sinusoidal AC voltage is applied through capacitor C1 to D4 zener diodes that limit the voltage to 30 V. 
  • Thyristor Th1 now trigger on the first front of the limited voltage that is applied through capacitor C2 – resistor R2.

Do not touch any electrical parts of this transformerless electronic power supply circuit.
Semiconductors equivalent

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