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Fastest 10minute Battery Charger circuit.

How to make Easiest 10-15 minute fastest Battery Charger

Today i am going to explain how we can make the worlds fastest battery charger circuit at home in 5 minutes. It uses the most basic principle although it should be taken care that battery should not overcharged because it charges faster than any other charger.
The fast chargers out in the market actually is useless because i actually dont understand why their output current is much higher than specification of the battery. it may charge the battery faster like in 10 minutes but battery sooner become dead and useless and expands. They actually have no idea how fast charging works.
so just not wasting our precious time lets get started.

Here the components required is very popular and cheap so just dont worry you will get those components in seconds...

Components Required:

1. One rectifier diode IN5402, or IN5408, any you can find quick.
2. One incandescent bulb, having nearly exact voltage rating as the battery but current rating of the bulb should be 1/10 of the value of battery AH (AmpereHour).
3  One transformer having double the voltage rating of the battery means for 12 v battery we need 24v Ac transformer, and current rating of 1/10 of the AH of the battery means for 7Amp battery we need 7/10=0.7A or 700mA current from transformer.

Now the circuit diagram or schematics of 10 minute battery charger: 

Simplest easiest faster 10 minutes battery charger circuit.

After collecting the component written above just remember or solder or connect them like the above circuit diagram or schematics.

Faster10 minutes battery charger circuit.

Working of above circuit:

When we switch on the power the diode above IN5402 transformer output 24V to produce half wave 24vdc at output. Although the RMS(Root mean square) voltage appears to be 12v dc but still the peak voltage is 24v, that's we can not feed this rectified output to the battery.( due to peak voltages may damage the battery).

Simply applying too much of our mind we just introduce the incandescent bulb after the diode IN5408 to acts as a voltage shocker meand peak voltage remover. Now bulb absorbs the peak voltages and provide regulated controlled output voltage to the battery. This becomes automated means self regulatory through the glow of filament intensity of the bulb means varying resistance of filament.

However we have to keep our eye at charging process because when the battery voltage becomes 14 or 14.5v we have to stop the charger manually beacuse we here have not applied the auto off switch. So keep a timer while charging.

Happy fast charging,
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